Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Rivers Project (Birds & Climate Change)

2. Pied Flycatcher (Early Arrival Dates out of Syncrony with prey)

3.Blackcap (Milder Winters)

4.Chiffchaff (Milder Winters)

5.Dartford Warbler (Milder Winters)

6.Common Whitethroat(Desertification)

7.Cetti's Warbler (Milder Winters)

8.Barn Swallow (Long Distant migrant that may not adapt fast enough)

9.Bewick's Swan (At their lowest Numbers for 30 years)

10.Common Cuckoo (Desertification)

11.Ptarmigan (Decline in average mountain snowpack)

12.Ringed Plover (Mild Winters/More Individuals Wintering)

13.Lapwing (Milder Winters=Winter Crops)
14.Siberian Crane (Arctic habitat set to deline by 70%)

15.Red-breasted Goose (67% Habitat Loss Predicted by 2070)

16.Balearic Shearwater (Warming Seas)

17.Ivory Gull (Melting Pack Ice)

18.Arctic Tern (Marine Instability)

19.Razorbill (Marine Instability)

20.Common Guillemot (Marine Instability)

21.Black-legged Kittiwake (Marine Instability)

22. Atlantic Puffin (Marine Instability)

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