Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Legends, legendary times and legendary Birds!

This video depicts everything I love about John Busby, Gannets and Bird Art!

Simply a living Legend.........Inspirational is an understatement!


At 12 minutes he Beautifully sums up not only why he is one of the all time MASTERS of Bird Illustration (persisting in adverse weather conditions) but also Shetland when its windy:

" As much to deter an artist and make life difficult as there is to inspire"

Fortunately in my last year on Fair Isle Deryk (another living legend) took me down a rather skinny sheep track at Guidicum with Simon and Lachlan to ring Gannets and their chicks.

I was Blown away. Not literally, but by the shear beauty of a Gannet Colony!

I can't thank him enough as I have never been anywhere or experienced anything quite like it, you simply drift away into another world............If you have never done it you most definitely should or sit near to one.....it is a far more beautiful world than the one humans share with their neighbours!

Although I look like a cabbage in all my gear I assure you it is necessary! Take a look at what an ultra-aggressive adult did to my arm and imagine what they can do if they went for your eyes!

Me and an Adult

Lachlan with an adult

Si with another Adult

Downy Chick

Adult with Downy Chick

Me cutting free a well grown chick having got itself entangled in fishing netting used to construct the nest mound

Deryk minding the youngsters

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